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Transformation is at the center of all the practices we teach. These practices are tools and instruments for moving through consciousness, deeper into ourselves and closer to the Divine.

Transformation, Using Tools and Instruments

The Guide Centers Follow a learn, process, teach paradigm. Many of us have heard the phrase, “we teach, what we need to learn.” There is a receive-learn, retain-process, release-teach process that happens as we take in information, process it, make it our own, and then teach it to others. The Guide Centers are in part patterned after this principle. We might think of them as teaching hospital of sorts. Hospitals are designed to help those that are sick and suffering from illness. While, we address a variety of issues, our main focus is on proactive spiritual growth and development.

In fact, wherever we are on our journey and no matter how advanced we are there is no ceiling on infinity, for this reason we can choose to look at ourselves in a state of becoming, or in a state of disease and sickness. While this seems to be merely a glass half full and half empty set of semantics where we put our focus is extremely important.


Part of starting a proactive spiritual path is having some idea where we are headed and why? With this in mind we have laid out a broad overview of spiritual development and the many benefits that come from traveling such a road. Necessarily, this is predicated on a basic "worldview" as well as an understanding of what we can achieve as "human beings" on such a road.

Movie, Series and Video Tutorials

The WE ARE ONE Movie and Genre Specific Series  provide a foundation for a new Earth.  RDIT offers a full comprehensive database of tutorials as well as the tutorials themselves. In most instances tutorials can be found on most sites, in all the platforms and embedded in dynamic ePublications, eBooks, and eMagazines. Many of the tutorials are offered for free.


Providing light for a New World.