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Love Making Practices

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi 

Human Union Mirrors Divine Union

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ― Rumi

General Notes

While many of our teachings draw on Tantric practices, they have been developed from our own knowledge base and scientific understanding, in some ways rectifying what some Tantric schools teach. We do not support multi-partner modalities, nor do we support coach to client direct sexual interaction.

We believe however, that there is a knowledge here that has been lost to the masses that is at the foundation of what sexual interaction between two committed partners was meant to be. As such it provides one of the most effective spiritual practices we can undertake.

Love Making as a Practice

For many love making starts with friction based sex, it's fun, stimulating, and orgasmic at times. Our approach to love making is viewing it as the central sacred space that a committed couple can undertake. It is perhaps the only practice where we can work energetically internally as opposed to working from the outside in, even including various types of energy work. For this reason, it has the most intimate and profound capability to do spiritual growth. The class covers the dynamics of emotions, communication, couples oriented energetics, couples cleansing practices, male and female energies, pre-union states of existence and being and more.

Advanced Love Making Practice

Advanced love making practice goes deeper into the processes where the physical and the energetic meet, it deals with pre-practice and post-practice modalities. Providing more in depth knowledge of the overall process of spiritual growth.



Is a sharing of physiology, consciousness and energy between two individuals. There is a leveling out that occurs between the two individuals in love making. Energies that are disparate combine and are for a moment fused. This fusion or union of energies and consciousness serves many purposes. First it creates a portal in the chakras, this portal creates an energetic window where the soul can enter in the case of conception. It is also a place where the Divine masculine, Christ can enter, this fusion happens on various levels and in the various bodies of the two people involved. And, it has many incredible and beautiful fruits.


Here is a “word cloud” of these fruits: feelings of love, protection, joy, tenderness, happiness, adoration, fierce devotion, service, acting through love languages, humility, submission, vulnerability, unembarrassed nakedness, worship, oneness, bliss, cosmic egg-shell, gratitude, thanksgiving, release, freedom, strength, sensations of light, peace, honoring, gentleness, safeness, security, stability and home. (word cloud graphic)

Connecting With Our Partner

Making Full Connection

At the first level this may be more physical and sensation oriented, mostly guided by feedback between each other, on another level this can be guidance driven, where visions, flashes, impressions are felt and seen throughout the day both in relationship practice and in the love making practice. Finally, we become both the observer and the participant in a process of Divine Love Making with each other, that begins with the relationship practice but extends through and most intensely into the love making practice. Here the bio-physical energetic exchanges and moving of energies, flows, space creation, cleansing movement and breathing all assist in healing, growth and transformation. 

This has several benefits to it, first it allows us to be self-vulnerable and self-intimate while having the safety net of our closest person there to help us through. It also takes us to build a habit of trust, in our most intimate of spaces. This develops within us a confidence in ourselves. Because trust in this situation is two-fold, it is trust in the other, but it is also trust in our capacity to see and engage ourselves, and be openly intimate with a partner. This allows us to be more vulnerable, authentic and open with others and life in general. It grows our capacity for richer and deeper relationships all around. And, while this sacred space is protected by commitment and intimate knowledge of the unique dance a couple learns, it takes us to wider self-revelatory pieces expanding us as a person. Besides our relationship with our self, it is the most intimate of all spaces.

I would like us to imagine for a moment that we are only visiting here we took on two human suits, as a vehicle for being present in this reality. These vehicles in their physical properties, energy flows, neural networks have certain capabilities. Working with our partner we can amplify these and help them to serve various functions in our growth and transformation. Before we delve into the specifics, yeah we are still on building blocks, we need to take a look at the concept of destination and journey.


Providing light for a New World.