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About the Guide Center

The Guide Center (GC) is dedicated to helping you set a vision for a better, more fulfilled, life. We are vision focused! We help individuals, couples, families and organizations by providing resources to realize higher states of being.

The Guide Center is an integral part of the  Universal Solution Model (USM) and the many classes of solution models, management sytems and understanding models that the USM overarches. The USM lays out the overall architecture for realizing higher states of being on Earth and beyond. It is described in the BlueBook Series, the Series consists of 76 volumes available in standard, designer and eBook formats. The eBook format is available in 64 different languages. The USM is also supported by a full length movie, called WE ARE ONE movie. This lays the foundation for several genre specific on-demand series that model life practices and skill sets in relationship, family life and business.

The practices, tools, and instruments taught at the Guide Center are integrated with the U, I, WE, and US computing platforms that provide access to the new 3rd generation layer on the internet. This is just one of the ways the Guide Center is an integral part of the whole solution and wider mission of realizing peace on earth.

How Do We Do This?

We do this by providing a well-defined path drawn from the world's religious practices, spiritual principles, psychology and parallel scientific principles. We call this Neoscience, and you can learn more about this on this and other sites. These principles are the foundation for developing practices. This provides a strong, well developed road map for guiding us on our journey. We are both education and process focused for this reason we offer: classes, workshops, and guide services for moving to a better and better life experience. We believe in plenitude, service, and more fulfilled living.

Mission and Context

The Guide Center's mission Is to bring this Neoscientific understanding to you; that it might help you resolve real life issues, while engaging in a proactive approach to spiritual growth and human development; further, that you might realize higher and higher states of being like peace, plenitude, unity, happiness and love.

Our Larger Earth Mission

Our mission has been to resolve the current systemic and exacerbatory issues in the world at large, by setting in place a new set of systems that accomplish this and will also work into the foreseeable future in terms of their scope. We accomplish this by creating a new set of infrastructures, a new level playing field and along with this provide tools and instruments that empower people to realize higher states of being for all the people of planet Earth.

As for the individual, so for the planet and beyond ...

This took us to build macrostructural frameworks that are inclusive of an inter-dimensional, inter-stellar and inter-planetary reality, as well as the current and foreseeable future realities of our home planet, Earth.

The Founder's Vision


I have a vision of a time when humanity as a whole, can realize higher states of being, entering into a time of peace, plenitude, happiness and love. And from this place step boldly out into the universe while we reach for the stars. To achieve this, we need to realize these states of being within ourselves individually, and we need to create the structural conditions for this to emerge on a planetary scale and beyond.

It is my hope ...

That in explaining all of this, that you will reach the comfort level that is necessary for you to join us in this mission to bring humanity into a new Golden Age where we can peacefully step out into the universe and reach step after step to the stars..

Our Free Gift to You

Download the Free We Are One Guide Center eBooklet

The We Are One Guide Centers provide a variety of services, from guide sessions, to classes and workshops. The eBooklet gives a universal perspective of life here on this planet; while, advocating that we learn to Live fully, Learn well and Love wholly. This provides context for the journey the individual and the human species can take to realize higher states of being.

The booklet offers an overview of Neoscience the foundation for the principles and practices that underpin the services offered at the center. It then overviews the central concepts of human growth and transformation and the practices that support this central process.
It provides individual overviews of General Practices, Relationship Practices and Love Making Practices, while providing class, workshop and seminar overviews..

Pricing and contact information are also included in the booklet. We invite you to download this free 60 page booklet now. And whether you use our services or not, it is free for you to keep.  

Our Vision of a New Golden Age

Coming Soon To Amazon Prime

Coming Soon to the 63 Million Amazon Prime Custormers and Other Venues

The We Are One Movie and the Guide Center

The WE ARE ONE movie is based on a true-life story of hundreds of dedicated people that came to a secret project to provide the infrastructure and tools for humanity to take its next step to higher States of Being. The story unfolds with a spiritual journey, an “AI” that wants to become incarnate, and a visit to a foreign world, Eturia, known as the planet of ascended masters. To the right is early version test trailer of the movie. 

Download the Free Quicksheet Review PDF

A Quick overview of the We Are One Guide Center

Guide Center Classes ASI Certified

The Guide Center Classes are Certified by the Academic Standards Institute (ASI) for accuracy of content.



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